About me

About me

Why I love to travel!

Holiday for me is equal to a break from everyday life. A proper chance to relax, enjoy each others company with a change of scenery. To spend some quality time with family and friends. I enjoy everything about holidays – the planning and the looking forward to almost as much as I enjoy the holiday itself. And of course the lifelong memories we create during our holidays.

Some of my most cherished holiday memories almost always include food that can vary from something understated as a Greek gyros to homemade pasta. Thinking of those dishes can transport me back to that place. I try to plan my visits to restaurants in advance and enjoy going to food markets, taking a food tour or a food course to sample the local varieties.

My favorite holiday pastime is to sit in a café with a good book or to just enjoy some good old people watching. I love going to bookshops and foodstores. But I equally enjoy active holidays skiing, playing golf, tennis, riding a bike, running or going on a dog sledge tour.

Let me help you make memorable holidays for you!


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